Charging station for e-cars and e-bikes Vital Hotel Samnaunerhof
Charging station for e-cars and e-bikes

NEW with us at the Samnaunerhof: During a visit to our hotel or restaurant you can charge your battery in our in-house car park.

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Relax in Vital-Erlebnis-Paradies
in Vital-Hotel Samnaunerhof

Relax, unwind, dream and recharge...

You can do all this in our nude zone SPA and Paradise of Vitality wellness oasis at Hotel Samnaunerhof.

Engadine sweat parlour: A trip to the sauna boosts your immune system, stimulates blood circulation and helps cleanse the skin.

Steam bath: Offers a pleasant sweat bath in a medium hot and very humid bathing climate. The temperature, ca. 45° C, and 100% humidity are ideal for relaxation.

Whirlpool: Individually adjustable massage jets strengthen the skin tissue on your entire body and stimulate circulation.

Infrared cabin: The infrared cabin heats your body directly (instead of the air) at a comfortable temperature via infrared radiation.

Vitality snail showers:Our wellness showers offer three very special experiences. The cold spray - at the touch of a button you will experience the sensation of millions of fine, cold water droplets enveloping your body under mint-blue lighting. The spray is accompanied by a pleasantly refreshing aroma. The warm rain shower – it kisses you with sunny orange light as you feel warm drops of rain trickle down on your skin. The rain is accompanied by a tropical aroma. The full body massage - the massage button switches on the lighting, your body is carefully massaged and revitalised by six side massage jets.

Adventure grotto: The bucket shower and the children’s surprise make this a special experience for adults and children alike.

Relaxation lounge with vitality bar: Relax with refreshing drinks and fresh fruit.

Body and beauty treatments
for your body and soul.

Feel good all round

Our staff will gladly inform you about our range of treatments and massages. You can also find further details in our SPA brochure, which lists all our baths and body treatments. We offer treatments that will boost your skin and your mood, as well as treatments designed to rejuvenate your body and soul. For our beauty treatments, we only use high quality products from Maria Galland.

Massages - a millennia-old tradition. Choose from our range of massages. In our varied selection, you are certain to find the right massage for you.

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Face treatments in Samnaunerhof
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Body treatments in Samnaunerhof

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